Michael Woodcock


Absolute Sound (Chatham)

Mike is one of the best people to deal with in the industry; a no nonsense, straight to the point sort of person.

He understands the needs of his clients and genuinely goes out of his way to help people. His knowledge level of the products is through the roof but he doesn't drown his clients in technical jargon! Keeps things simple and is passionate about Audio; he loves what he does...and it shows!

An avid golfer, Mike is actually a semi-pro who can play with the best of them....and he does!

87 Thames St 

Chatham, Ontario N7L1S4

(519) 351-2423

Jonathan Badov


co-owner of Sonic Artistry with Ed Balian

Possibly one of (if not THE) most entertaining and upbeat person I have the pleasure of doing business with.  Jonathan is the epitome of what we, the French, like to refer to as "un bon vivant"...

His knowledge level is absolutely through the roof and both he and Ed are true Audiophiles in every sense of the term.

Their "distinguished sound reproducing equipment represents the finest the industry has to offer. Specifically chosen for their price to performance ratio, no challengers can compete with them at any cost."

In other words;  When it comes to finding the best Audio components that represent Value and Performance:  They don't mess around!


Toronto, Ontario Canada, (Roncesvalles Village): Jonathan


Cellular: (416) 254-3887

Aurora,Ontario, Canada: Edgar


Cellular: (416) 320-9803

Michael Fremer


Editor in Chief of Analog Planet &

Senior contributing Editor at Stereophile Magazine

"Michael Fremer is a senior contributing editor for the American "Stereophile” commonly regarded as one of the most important audio magazines. Established in 1962 ... Michael Fremer has been one of its pillars. Vinyl Man, analog guru, and magician – he is called all that. Not all are in favor of him; he also has open enemies. In one word – 

interesting man."

Peter Lyngdorf


Peter Lyngdorf, founder of Steinway Lyngdorf, has long been recognized as an innovator in the audio field and as a pioneer of new technologies. He has held a lifelong passion for audio perfection that set him on an early path toward audio system research, development, design, and manufacturing.

Peter Lyngdorf is a walking history of Danish hi-fi, having owned NAD, Dali and Snell, as well as his company today, Lyngdorf Audio.

Glen Sinclair


Owner of AUDIO TWO (Windsor)

Glen is simply one of the truest and purest audiophiles in our industry.  He'll forget more than I will ever learn!  He is also one of the absolutely nicest people to deal with and meet... He is very passionate about sound and finding the right products for his clientele.  I have had the pleasure of dealing with him for nearly 20 years now and I can honestly say he is a true gentleman who really cares about his customers.  

His store had to close a couple of years ago and he has now relocated in conjunction with another great retailer in the area:  Homelogix in Kingsville (located at 106 Wigle Ave) Tuesday through Saturday 9 to 6 (5 on Sat)




When I first met Markus he was managing Kennedy HiFi .
Simply put, Markus is one of those retailers that just "gets it"!  

His store is focused and extremely well kept.  It is, without a doubt, one of the top stores I have the pleasure of visiting and doing business with.  His staff is very up-to-date on all the latest technologies and everyone is responsive to their clients' needs.  Markus may be one of the younger owners I do business with but something tells me he also is one of the more successful ones out there!

4560 Highway 7, Markham, Ontario L3R 1M5

more Fascinating and Passionate people...

Isik Kayhian


Owner of The Apple 🍏 Tree

I first met Isik at CEDIA roughly 8 years ago... It is funny how, sometimes, people "click" with one another and I can honestly say that I consider him a real friend regardless of whether we do any business dealings or not... Luckily, we actually do!  

I don't have too many clients who can boast that they have horses on their properties... or lots of dogs (he has 7 at last count!)... or multiple active sound rooms either set up for two channel or multi-channel (ATMOS for instance) auditioning. 

When you first meet Isik, the one thing that jumps at you is his undeniable PASSION for the industry!  

Maybe it's the Turkish blood... or maybe it's the simple fact that he loves what he does.  Either way, he sells top quality products and is proud of his work and of the products he sells.

Richard Bowden


Manager at Bay Bloor Radio

First, a word about BBR:
Bay Bloor Radio started out as a little radio sales and service shop in 1946. From the beginning, Sol Mandlsohn put his customers first—and his dedication to great service, along with his commitment to honesty and integrity, helped his little radio store grow, and grow.

Sol opened Canada’s first hi-fi studio and hired the city’s best technicians. Sol’s wife Peppie sold vinyl records. Customers came in for personal attention and expert advice, and it wasn’t long before BBR was customizing component high-fidelity systems for the city’s savvy music lovers.

Richard Bowden is one of the classiest people I have the pleasure of doing business with.  Maybe it's the fact that he is originally from Winnipeg or that he loves his BBQ as much as (or more than) anyone I've ever met but the fact is that he is truly "one cool cat"!

Bay Bloor Radio

Manulife Centre,

55 Bloor St. W.

Toronto, ON

Todd Baker


The Firm  Marketing Company (Saskatoon)

Todd Baker, the President and Western Canadian Director of Sales, started The Firm in 1999.   In 1999, Todd was a single sales representative marketing electronic products to retailers in Saskatchewan .  Over the next 15+ years, as a result of countless hours of hard work, The Firm has grown to be one of the largest Electronic Rep Agencies in Western Canada with representation from Vancouver Island to Thunder Bay Ontario.  

With a team of 9 agents strategically positioned across Western Canada, The Firm is able to sell a wide variety of products in numerous industries with great success and western coverage.   The future for The Firm looks bright,  plans of expansion, expanding  existing retail relationships, and expanded focus on supplier relationships will allow The Firm to continue its rapid growth rate. 

Phone: (306)221-7610

Rickey Yan


Owner of Ovation Audio

Anthony Rozzi


Sales Representative for Erikson Consumer in Ontario. 

Elvis Martin


Gunther Frohnhöfer


Owner and Manager at Acoustic Signature


Products by ACOUSTIC SIGNATURE first appeared in 1996. Worldwide prestige came as early as 1997, when Gunther Frohnhöfer and his team developed the first mass turntable and achieved excellent test results in Germany as well as the US. Shortly afterwards these turntables were exported all over the world. Ever since, their clear design and outstanding price/performance ratio have led to strong demand. 

"Made in Germany" is important to Gunther – more than ever now, in the face of the rising trend to buy everything from the cheapest supplier. 

"We work hard, and every day we raise the bar."

George Tsuyuki


G&G Electronics (Scarborough)

The store's slogan says it all:

"Over 60 years of Experience Serving You"

George, his son Gary and grandson David are the very definition of "Service Oriented Retailers"!  

I have been dealing with G&G Electronics for roughly 15 years now and I can honestly say that they are among the nicest people I do business with!    

They know how to treat their employees (most of whom have been working there for 10, 15 or 20+ years!)...their customers (and a few reps! lol!!) are always treated like FAMILY! The emphasis is and always will be on great Customer Service...

It should also be noted that George Tsuyki was the very FIRST SONY dealer in North America!


Dōmo arigatō gozai mashita

G&G Electronics

4371 Kingston Rd, Scarborough

Phone: (416) 282-8111


Bil Robinson


Owner of Target HiFi (London, ON)

Founded in 1981, Target HiFi has been the destination for all things music in London, Ontario for nearly four decades. Owner, Bil Robinson, and long-time employee, Al Matheson, got their roots in retail through the record industry, and their passion for music is still a palpable presence in their store today. Target HiFi resides in an impressive 10,000 sq. ft. building (6,000 of which is dedicated retail space), in the center of downtown London, ON. It is the perfect spot for music lovers of all kinds to converge, thanks to its diverse range of product offerings— from table top radios, DJ equipment, bluetooth speakers, Pro Audio, all the way up to esoteric high-end audio. 


144 Dundas St.

London, ON

N6A 1G1

Phone:  (800) 830-9730



John Thomson


WiFi HiFi (Oakville) Magazine & Retail Store

"John Thomson is the founder and leader of the team at WiFI HiFI. Prior to his extensive involvement in the media business, John worked for Sony Music in artist marketing honing his skills as a marketer of sound and vision. John was an integral member of a pioneering online retail start up initiative that helped lay the foundation of what is now modern day online retailing."

John has taken a fresh approach to retail and his store, which is located in the heart of downtown Oakville may be small in footprint but it is packed with lots of fantastic gear.  WifI HifI offers the latest from brands such as Grado, Master & Dynamic, Shanling, Focal, Teac, Rega, Arcam, Kanto, RHA, Devialet, Revel and Monitor Audio...

About WiFi HiFi Magazine: "it is Canada's new business publication for the Canadian consumer electronics industry. 

In addition to their website, the company publishes a monthly trade magazine as well as a weekly newsletter that provides a synopsis of the week in tech. 

Specializing in event marketing where they utilize a 1967 vintage Airstream Trailer turned pop-up store to promote  brands."


John Thompson


The Record Centre (Ottawa)

This might be record geek heaven.

"John Thompson is a self-described audiophile and his only tonic is buying more records – he’s at 200,000 and counting. When that wasn’t enough, he decided to make records. 

“We are record store first, a venue second and a label third,” says the owner of the Record Centre.

Not only is Thompson a boon to collectors, the Vinyl Guru firmly supports local artists.  A collector for 30 years, Thompson has witnessed vinyl’s resurgence firsthand. “It just happened slowly and surely,” he said of vinyl’s comeback. 

Thompson has launched a record label: Record Centre Records. His debut vinyl release was in 2015 with the Hilotrons and by a record from Ottawa blues band MonkeyJunk.

The store cleans records, buys records, sells records and makes records – and it even fixes vintage audio equipment. 

“I’ve spent my whole life loving records and being obsessed with records,” Thompson explains. He clearly loves having people around to share that obsession with.

Above the front door and small stage hang five guitars and a banjo. Coupled with signed, framed records on the side walls from the likes of Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana, the store could double as a miniature rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame.

1099 Wellington St W, Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y4

phone:(613) 695-4577 

John’s hotline at (613) 878-5740



Wolf Audio Systems is the creation of Joe, David and Fred Parvey. Joe is an IT systems architect who has designed computer networks containing thousands of servers, and programmed and configured the automation solutions that manage them. So, I guess the guy knows something about how a computer works!

Wolf was initially founded as an R&D business, but Joseph’s early audiophile server designs were so coveted and requested by friends and family that he thought he would explore it further. Joe sees the audiophile landscape as being harmed by the move to file playback. However, he also feels that with the correct solution, an extreme server for audio and video, a new generation of listeners can move from ear buds back to audio systems. 

He enthuses, “Just like the introduction of wolves was ultimately the recipe for restoring balance to Yellowstone, our products combined with our efforts to evangelize Hi-Res audio and get people back into stereo room listening…is what really drives Wolf.”